Eat ... What?

Pupils will present the typical daily diet of young people of their nation, artistically (with drawings) and scientifically (calculating calories and nutritional aspects). They will observe the influence of the global market in the diet and in their own culinary culture.

Project Journal

  • got it...


    - Posted by Niyazi ALKAN, 18.10.2017

  • And we've got it too!


    - Posted by Sara Terrassan, 17.10.2017

  • Thank you all


    - Posted by Juan miguel Piqueras lopez, 15.09.2017

  • Spain has won the quality label. More info in PREMIOS/AWARDS page in the project


    - Posted by Juan miguel Piqueras lopez, 19.07.2017

  • In Italy we completed activity 7, Photo shock and activity 8, Play with healthy Scratch. It was very funny and our students learn a lot. This school year has finished, so all the students completed the final questionnaire too. We hope you enjoyed the activities and our collaboration.

    - Posted by Sara Terrassan, 18.06.2017