WHAT SURROUNDS ME: We mirror what surrounds us and what surrounds us mirrors us. This is a universal truth.

What surrounds a teenager nowadays in different parts of Europe? What kind of pictures and sounds compose their everyday life? Can they record them through photographs & sound recordings? Can they convey them through paintings , drawings, music or written accounts? We invite you to an intro and inter-cultural journey in order to realize how...

Project Journal

  • https://youtu.be/1phkxGxXulE
    - Posted by Tu─čba Bademci, 02.07.2017

  • Thanks Theodora. Our project has come to an end but not our friendship! It was great to work with you and your students !
    - Posted by Lorena Cavicchi, 25.06.2017

  • Every story has an end but in life every end is a new beginning!!!
    Sending you a pic from Salamina island and wishing you all a nice relaxing summer!!!


    - Posted by Theodora Bouyoukou, 22.06.2017

  • Hello dear partners.The last step in the project is the Evaluation sheet for students.
    To do it , you have to enter with your google account and press send at the end . You can do it only once.
    - Posted by Lorena Cavicchi, 29.05.2017

  • Hello everyone!!! It's feedback time. Vote, share, complete while reflecting on the project.
    Nice to meet you and get to know you through your thoughts, ideas and feelings as expressed both in forum and in your great pieces of work. See you around!!!
    - Posted by Theodora Bouyoukou, 17.05.2017