About the project

  • The project is focused on sharing happiness, focusing on positive things and promoting understanding among nations, friendship and international collaboration. Participating schools will work on various tasks such as collaborative video making, designing logos, posters and T-shirts, writing "happy" journals and looking for ways to make others happy.



    • Promote understanding among nations, friendship and international collaboration;
    • Share happiness;
    • Show the importance of positive attitude; 
    • Let students collaborate with foreign peers;
    • Let students work in teams, collaborate, communicate, plan, be creative, solve problems, present results and evaluate;
    • Promote modern ways of teaching and learning;
    • Develop competencies (special focus on social and civic competence, communication in foreign languages, digital competence, cultural awareness and expression, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship);
    • Increase students’ motivation towards learning; 
    • Improve students’ English skills; 
    • Bring European dimension to schools. 



    Duration: November 2016 – April/May 2017
    1) Video introduction 
    2) Designing project logo 
    3) Collaborative posters We all smile in the same language 
    4) Designing paper medals and badges 
    5) Spreading happiness – Take a smile posters
    6) Writing Happy journals 
    7) Collaborative Happy music video 
    8) Designing Happy T-shirts 
    9) Collaborative videos What makes you happy? and How to be happy? 
    10) Happy posters 
    11) Make someone else happy 
    12) Evaluation 


    Expected outcomes

    • Videos (introduction of teams, collaborative video Happy, What makes you happy, How to be happy) 
    • Posters (We all smile in the same language, Take a smile, quotes)
    • Project logos
    • T-shirt designs
    • Paper medals and badges
    • Students will learn about the importance of positive attitude and will learn how to appreciate little things.
    • Students will experience the rewarding feeling after helping others and making others happy. 
    • Students and teachers will improve their competencies, improve their English skills, learn how to use new tools and will increase their motivation towards learning/teaching.
    • Students will make new foreign friends and will learn English in real life.