International Christmas Tree

Students make Christmas decorations. They can use different techniques, for example drawing, painting, cut and stick, embroidery. They draw the flag of their country and write greetings on the decorations. The decorations are sent to each cooperating school.


    Project Journal

    • The project "International Spring Tree" is ready!
      I've just sent the invitations and I hope that all of you will get it - if not, please let me know.
      - Posted by Renata Janikowska, 15.02.2017

    • The project "Internatinal Spring Tree" is ready but we are still waiting for the approval of the eTwinning commission.
      - Posted by Renata Janikowska, 02.02.2017

    • In December Dimitra in Greece and I in Belgium deiced to try a video conference. It was really good fun for the students -and us! The kids sang Christmas carols and we drew a Christmas card together - Live!! If you want to see more pictures I have left a PDF in "Files".

      Greece and Belgium in December video conference.JPG

      - Posted by Annette Boje, 31.01.2017

    • Christmas!

      - Posted by Veturia Seserman, 27.01.2017

    • Our Christmas tree!

      Christmas tree.jpg

      - Posted by Veturia Seserman, 27.01.2017