East or West, Home is Best

Students will describe, promote and introduce their places of living to their project partners. Pupils will interact and work collaboratively using different methods like information gathering, research and comparative work. They will also describe their favourite places worldwide they have visited or wish to visit one day and give a constant feedb...


    Project Journal

    • Today the Spanish team have been working on their respective groups' activities.


      - Posted by Ana Arias Castro, 19.04.2017

    • A bit disappointed �� after not having a chance to chat with the Spanish team


      - Posted by Neringa Lemežienė, 29.03.2017

    • Ukrainian team prepared the quiz about Spain
      - Posted by Halyna Mohylyak, 17.03.2017

    • https://www.quiz.biz/quizz-1060796-85385-TVRUC876637V9BU.html
      - Posted by Halyna Mohylyak, 17.03.2017

    • We've already evaluated our knowledge about our own country Lithuania ���� and our neighbour Poland ����. To tell the truth, it was a bit clumsy ����


      - Posted by Neringa Lemežienė, 16.03.2017