The Project Plan

  • We will start the project in October and finish in June.

    Each school is going to work on set tasks once in a month/two months.

    At the begining the teachers will set up the profiles & email boxes for the pupils and introduce Twinspace to them, they will also explain how it works. First, they´ll introduce a country they are from. They´ll present their group and the school they study at.

    Second, they will present superstitions that apply for Christmas time and New Year´s Eve.

    Third, they will concentrate on the ways how each nation through its language expresses a wish of good luck. The pupils will record a video, it will involve also body language and teach that expression in their mother tongue to their European partners.

    Fourth, they will analyse British superstions

    Fifth, they will finally present their national superstitions.

    Sixth, they will sum up their findings, expectaions, they will compare the cultures and make a final output. It will contain interesting information.