The Taste of Christmas

Our school teams will discuss Christmas among European countries. Partner schools will make many activities regarding Christmas. Each partner will contribute according to what they are able to do: cards, texts, photos, songs. We will focus on the similarities and differences too. Finally, we exchange postcards and small presents.

Project Journal

  • Did you get presents that you wished and wanted before Xmas?

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    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 02.02.2017

  • Distance is nothing when we are friends!
    Enjoy these photos, pupils from Inga´s school made my pupils happy and they were so excited when they saw the parcel on the table :-) And there were much more excitement in opening the envelopes.

    PicMonkey Collage letters from Inga´s school.jpg

    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 16.01.2017

  • It's said that 'It is more blessed to give than to receive' Yesterday I witnessed the immense joy and excitement of my students by receiving your gifts, Dear Friends. Our warmest Good Wishes and Thanks! You made our day!
    - Posted by Inga Ezera, 07.01.2017

  • LT1 TEAM and their picture called České Vánoce. WELL DONE!!!!

    Josef Lada České Vánoce.jpg

    Lada LT1 TEAM.jpg

    - Posted by Monika Vacková, 05.01.2017

  • Xmas Eve described by Slovak pupils... a short reading for you ♥

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    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 02.01.2017