Digital Citizen – How and Why

#eTwCitizen16 Through this project pupils will get familiar with digital citizenship. In a simple way, appropriate to the age of pupils, they will learn about the nine basic components that make us digital citizens: digital access, digital commerce, digital communication, digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital law, digital rights and responsi...

Project Journal

  • Nice news!


    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 04.07.2017

  • Articles on the occasion of completion of the project:

    Croatian national portal for schools:

    Local portal of our county:

    School website:
    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 19.06.2017

  • Dear partners, here are the results of the evaluation. Thank you!

    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 11.06.2017

  • - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 06.06.2017

  • Our eTwinning tree planted in 2015 during the "eTwinning tree campaign" is growing:


    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 05.06.2017