Active European eCitizens #eTwCitizen16

This project aims at making ourselves more confident, responsible European citizens when it comes to navigating our virtual (European) world. By reflecting on potentials and the dangers of modern (online) technology as well as the new responsibilities that come with it, we want to become active European e-citizens who are aware of their role in the...

Project Journal

  • European Quality Label in Estonia


    - Posted by Margit Laidvee, 29.10.2017

  • European Quality Label in Bulgaria


    - Posted by Tsvetelena Taralova, 28.10.2017

  • Our European quality label


    - Posted by Marco Schöber, 25.10.2017

  • Quality label from Germany


    - Posted by Marco Schöber, 13.10.2017

  • The Bulgarian QL

    QL certificate.jpg

    - Posted by Tsvetelena Taralova, 08.10.2017