5 things you don't know about us

  • Let’s create a game to rise our student's interest to know our towns. Each school has to create a google slide and write 5 interesting facts about their towns but, be careful!, one of these 5 things must be false. The rest of schools will have to guess which they think is the false sentence. To let the others know what is the solution, you can record a video of your pupils giving the information or write it on a last slide...

    Working  in groups, each group has to decide what 5 things they want to introduce about their town/city. It's up to you how to decide the 5 things to add in the slide: for example, each pupil can give their ideas and choose the best ones later, they can work in groups and create their own google slides and select the ones they want to send to the other schools.... The chosen google slides will be uploaded to the twinspace and the rest of the countries will have to find which is the false statement (we can ask them to surf on the internet and find the information)

    Please click on the link below to access to Google Slides: