The project aims that the participants realize differences and similarities between their own and each other's cultures, overcome their prejudices, and acquire a sense of European citizenship. In this project, the pupils will have the opportunity to research and realize the diversities and similarities between their own and the others’ culture...

Project Journal

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  • Transnational meeting in Türkiye

    - Posted by Gönül Canbay, 10.07.2018

  • Very interesting project, We have developed attractive activities for pupils and teachers. The experience gained in foreign languages ​​(English) for each of the participants in the project, in the knowledge of the customs in the partner countries (national sports) and their history, will be unforgettable for us all. The working visits, the fruitful interaction between us, the linking of the pupils- pupils, pupils-teachers, teachers-teachers, have a conversation towards the achievement of the project objectives.We thank all our colleagues and students and especially the initiators of this project: Gönül Canbay and Ilyas Canbay.
    - Posted by Florentina Rotaru, 22.06.2018

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