This project aims at improving the students digital literacy and problem solving skills with the use of a programming language. Practical applications of mathematics and logical thinking is key to achive this. We will be collaborating on programming OzoBots, Meet Edison and EV3 robots.

Project Journal

  • Thank you my good partners! We made together good work!


    - Posted by Triinu Grossmann, 07.10.2017

  • Hello!
    We received the national quality label.
    What about you?



    - Posted by Laine Aluoja, 06.10.2017

  • Hello to everybody!
    It was very nice and interesting to participate in the project.
    THANKS to everybody for being in this project together.
    Have a wonderful summer holiday!

    - Posted by Laine Aluoja, 31.05.2017

  • Hello!
    Teams from Türi have started the final task.
    This is the most difficult and longest task, because the Ozobot is too small and hard to programme.
    At first we had to make the maze smaller by 50%, because it would have been too big for the Ozobot to move through.
    Then we realised that is was still too big for the Ozbobot, but we tried to programme the Ozobot still.
    Programmig the Ozobot was also pretty hard, but we managed to do it. But because of our Ozobot having some tecnical problema with the wheel rotations, it started to turn while having to move forward.

    - Posted by Anitra Lukjanov, 29.05.2017

  • Hello!
    We, from Türi, have finished the third task, what was making the robot dance.

    - Posted by Anitra Lukjanov, 29.05.2017