The Mass Media in our daily lifes

Along the following project we will work with students and teacher about Mass Media. We are going to try to achieve three things: * Study and realise the use of the Mass Media people have in our surounded area. * Work as if we were members of mass media and create a radio, a newspaper and a television. *Increase the relationship among our two scho...

Project Journal

  • We've got the Quality labels from the different National Agencies and the European Quality Label.
    - Posted by JAVIER Ramos Sancha, 06.11.2017

  • Here you are the final products of the last task: Breaking the news, this task was done during the exchange week at Colegio San Gregorio in Aguilar de Campoo, Spain. It was really good to check how kids were working together in the same task, with the same aims, and sharing ideas in the same language.

    - Posted by JAVIER Ramos Sancha, 21.06.2017

  • The TV reports are great - I love that they have both Spanish and English children in them - true collaboration!
    - Posted by Helen Pronger, 20.06.2017

  • One of our last activities was to record Radio Programmes, here you are the final products. We hope you enjoyed and we waited for your comments.

    - Posted by JAVIER Ramos Sancha, 14.06.2017

  • In our project blog we have created a summary about the couple amazing week of exchanges. Here you can enjoy them
    - Posted by JAVIER Ramos Sancha, 14.06.2017