My First Hardware Dictionary

We want our students to work in teams for creating online dictionary about computer hardware terms. Online dictionary will contain English (as main language) and Turkish, Catalan and Spanish words equivalences, and definitions in each language. For this purpose we will perform collaborative tasks using web 2.0 technologies. In addition to arrangin...

Project Journal

  • Spanish National Service has awarded us with Quality Label :)



    - Posted by Raül Canals Marote, 04.10.2017

  • We have received the Quality Label for the project. Thanks to all you work. We gave our students the opportunity to understand the importance of team work, no manner how distante you are. .

    Professional team work and collaboration.
    Have great holidays.


    - Posted by Miguela Fernandes, 21.07.2017

  • All of our students did a great work. This was a good collaboration. Have a nice holiday!


    - Posted by Asiye KERT, 18.07.2017

  • On the last day of the semester all of Turkish Students were given their certificate of participation and five of them were awarded with a honour certificate for their great effort in Project:
    Sergen Bayraktar
    Abdulkadir Demiroğlu
    Muhammet Kadir
    Kaan Yıldırım
    Eren Çelik


    - Posted by Asiye KERT, 18.07.2017

  • On 9th June, Turkish students were given their certificates of participation. By 9th June, the summer holiday has started for them.

    An example certificate of participation: (All certificates are in Materials/images/certificates folder)


    - Posted by Asiye KERT, 18.07.2017