Water, please!!!!!

The title of the project reveals the topic of our research and the importance of water in our lives. Through common enjoyable activities, students discover and share their findings with their counterparts. Students become aware of the importance of water generally and the nearby river/sea water in the life of the community. Each participating tea...

Project Journal

  • For the project dissemination we choosed to organise a trip. Many of the participants in the project, along with other students and teachers from school, had the oportunity to discuss about water in nature and to visit two waterfalls ( protected areas ) and a lake. We pointed the importance of clean, fresh water for the whole environment.
    - Posted by Stoica Daniela, 05.07.2017

  • Team working is right in practice. The experience was not easy, but it boosts educational and learning effectiveness!
    - Posted by Adriana Locascio, 26.06.2017

  • On the 27th of May, during the Final Conference on the Environmental Education Project, we presented the theater performance wrote by students for the eTwinning Project " Water, please!"

    drama set for.jpg

    - Posted by Adriana Locascio, 26.06.2017

  • Our students wanted to share and to spread their experience out!

    - Posted by Adriana Locascio, 26.06.2017

  • here some photos..


    - Posted by Kısmet Turhan, 08.06.2017