Proyect Overview: This project has as a starting point the creativity and gastronomy unique and characteristic of the four cities with a relevant Gastronomic potential. Thanks to the twinspace, students from Italy, Östersund, Bergen and Dénia will exchange experiences, and at the same time, use the English language in a motivating way. The teach...

Project Journal

  • Today starts the second formative mobility of teachers, in Parma (Italy). They will learn about creative writing and reading.
    - Posted by Sergi Mallol i Garcia, 20.02.2018

  • The third Transnational Meeting of #TastingSchools project finished yesterday at Giacomo Ferrari school in Parma (Italy).
    - Posted by Sergi Mallol i Garcia, 22.10.2017

  • Next week our students are travelling to Bergen. They will spend one week exchanging an educational and living experience.
    - Posted by Blanca Rosell Garcia, 21.09.2017

  • We have just iniciated the new project's bloc. : "Healthy Habits, Let's move".
    Students are going to discuss in the forums about their favorite sports. And also students are going to record themselves playing their traditional ones.

    - Posted by Blanca Rosell Garcia, 17.09.2017

  • Our students are now in Parma, sharing this experience with their partnerships. They can download pictures, images and short descriptions of everything they are feeling and living.
    - Posted by Blanca Rosell Garcia, 09.05.2017