European Sweet Tooth

Today children are eating too many sweets and spend lots of moneyto buy them. Little do they think of how sweets affect their health. Is there any alternative to "sweet and tasty"and "tasty and healthy"?

Project Journal

  • Welcome back to school!


    - Posted by Yuliia Hryhorenko, 01.09.2015

  • Enjoy the activities made with kids from BLUE FLOWER KINDERGARTEN upon EUROPEAN SWEET TOOTH.
    - Posted by OLARU GABRIELA, 07.04.2015

  • What a great job, Liana!!! Thank you very much. Your Greek delight seems to be really healthy and easy to make. I also like the idea with the tree!
    - Posted by Olena Kononenko, 11.02.2015

  • Dear Nahida and Anna, today we enjoyed your amazing videos.Nice English from your students, Nahida! Thank you, dear friends.
    - Posted by Olena Kononenko, 20.01.2015

  • Dear partners! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Be healthy, wealthy and merry!

    - Posted by Svitlana Kochergina, 06.01.2015