Digital Citizenship

This is a project where students and teachers from different European countries will cooperate to study and discover the rules which make us correct citizens in a digital world. #eTwCitizen16 Subtopics to work on: 1. On line safety. 2. cyber-bulling 3. Respect of myself and the others when I am online 4. Correct use of my personal device. 5. C...

Project Journal

  • The printed edition of Croatian weekly magazine for education "Školske novine", Zagreb, 12 December 2017:


    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 19.12.2017

  • Article in the digital journal for educational professionals "Pogled kroz prozor" (Digital Citizenship, 2 eTwinning projects from our school):


    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 01.12.2017

  • The Cypriot school "Gymnasio Kokkinochorion" has also received the European label

    european label.png

    - Posted by Andromachi Pieridou, 04.11.2017

  • About our EQLs:
    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 27.10.2017

  • My EQL:


    - Posted by Iva Naranđa, 25.10.2017