European Countries - CLIL Activity Bank

The partner schools are from the Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Poland and Spain. Groups of students (age of students: 13-15) are going to create tasks for their partners. The tasks will be related to geographical facts of European countries, which will be taught during CLIL lessons of geography, English language and other related subjects. Teacher...

Project Journal

  • I hope so
    - Posted by Emiliano Iacopini, 01.06.2017

  • Thanks Fauglia team for a padlet, we are going to contribute soon.
    Thank you all for all your work. The eTwinning projects are always very time-consuming and every activity here is a result of hard work and good lesson planning.
    Hope you will be successful with next eTwinning projects.
    - Posted by Lenka Malá, 01.06.2017

  • The italian team Fauglia has published a presentation on his nations see it
    - Posted by Emiliano Iacopini, 30.05.2017

  • The italian team has published a padlet where you can express your appreciation about the project
    - Posted by Emiliano Iacopini, 11.05.2017

  • Hi,
    thank you for your amazing UK presentation. We have posted simple crosswords focused on Ireland. I guess this is our last contribution.
    As a final activity, I would like to create a padlet with students' feedback comments.
    - Posted by Lenka Malá, 09.04.2017