• Here we will share the workplan of our project.

    SUMMARY : FIRST MEETING 13th-17th JANUARY 2015  






    ITALY (VARESE) : Annalisa Terruzzi (coordinator) - Grazia Caragnano- Donata Sbardellati


    BULGARIA : Deyana Peykova - Nina Nedeva

    POLAND : Andrzej Morawski - Witold Momot

    ITALY (SASSARI) : Laura Boero - Carla Auci

    NORTHERN IRELAND : Lorna Crawley - Seamus Galvin - Nial Smyth

    ROMANIA : Mihaela Ciofalca - Monica Lupu

    TURKEY : .Yavuz KARADAĞ -  Kerem Veysel TAŞÇI


    1st Meeting 14th of January


    After visiting the school with the help of 5th class pupils as guides in English and a performance of all classes to foreign friends, in the afternoon a meeting took place.

    The coordinator presented Wikispace and E-twinning platforms. Wikispace is a common space that will be used during the project  to share materials between countries.

    It will be possible to create users without giving personal information, so it could be sure and safe for pupils.

    The coordinator asked other teachers to let her know who is interested to add pupils to Netisthekey Wikispace. Usernames and passwords will be created and teachers will explain how to use the platfprm and interact on it. Messages can be sent to members and members can chat or put their comments on forum.


    E-twinning platform either will be used to upload materials and to keep a diary  of the project: Pupils can be added as members and can see the materials and take part i discussions.


    Teachers will communicate through Google mail group and sharing materials to be uploaded on common space on Drobox.


    Presentations of all schools have been uploaded on Wikispace to be watched and shared between pupils.


    Irish school presented Armagh School’s website and the coordinator presented 5th and 4th Canziani school’s classroom’s blogs.


    A blog will be created by the coordinator by the end of February (using Kidblog platform) to be used as a project’s blog .


    2nd meeting 16th January 2014


    Plan of activities




    1. Each school will work with their pupils (according to age) and have a braistorming activity through some stimulating  questions :

    1. Have you got a pc or a tablet at home ?

    2. Have you got a Wi-fi connection ?

    3. How many hours a day do you use computer or tablet at home?

    4. What do you use it for  (games, researches, surfing on the net, chattting, writing e-mails…) ?

    5. Do you know what is Internet ?

    6. Do you know what is Facebook, Google, Twitter….?


    At the end of brainstorming you can collect ideas on a big poster, on the Smartboard or using Popplet, an easy application, that allows you to create a mindmap to be shared and saved (there is a free version- you must sign up  )


    Most significative ideas can be written on a drawing of a pc a tablet with an empty screen (I will upload mine to be used) and shared with other partners.


    The one I used is here. I photocopied it and then added a white piece of paper on the screen. Photocopied again and let pupils write their ideas and colour it .




    2. If you want your pupils to sign in Wikispace I will create USERNAME and PASWORDS to allow them to see it and in the future work on it




    1. Each partner has to plan an activity to celebrate Safer Internet Day 10th of February

    1. A very simple and easy activity to share could be preparing a poster with the logo that you can find on the website or print some and take pictures of pupils at school showing the poster or the printed logo

    2. Discuss with pupils about Internet safety and plan one activity ( a game, an activity on Netiquette or Safety, an activity on Cyberbullism). You can find lots of ideas on Saferinternet website and I will send some ideas by the end of the week.

    3. Take pictures of pupils and upload them on Dropbox . Seamus is going to work on creating a comic and I will work on creating a video to be shared.

    4. On 10th of February Skype meetings between classe can be arranged or a chat room acivated (for example using Todaysmeet  a platform that allows participants to chat on a private platform - you don’t need lo sign up): I will explain u how to join it if u are interested.




    1. A squirrel was chosen as a mascot for the project so I will send every school the one we use at our school so that every school could use the same.

    Pupils will create a storyboard to explain about one important rule on the use of the Net (i.e. Respect other people’s privacy; be careful when you send pictures…) and create a page of a booklet to be created with all pupils drawings.


    bigliettino Natale 001.jpg

    Logo of our school. you have to print it and chenge the tail.


    I add here some interesting link you can click on to investigate in search of ideas. There is a campaign we can get involved  on Childnet about Internet safety




    Very nice video created for Internet Safer day with useful ideas


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    Last but not least : let me know if you have any problems or you need any extra explanations,  please


    PS Seamus, our Northern Irish colleague, created a Dropbox account ONLY for the project. You can join it loggig in with the mail PASSWORD  letmein