Greek pupils met the French ones

  • From 16-21 April 2018, in the context of the project 21 pupils of 2nd Peiramatiko Junior High School of Athens traveled to France and had the opportunity to interact with the French school's pupils while visiting many sightseeings till reaching their destination the city of Reims where the French school is located.

    Everything was done according to the character of the project focusing on the different tradition and culture between the two countries. The Greek pupils attended lessons in the French school and experienced the educational system which suprised them a lot in a good way. They tasted local foods and sweets that the French pupils had prepared and outdoor sport activities took place in a park combining "green exercise" and "collaboration" as all pupils (Greek and French) were formed in mixed groups of four people playing an orientation game. The language of communication was English and French. Our pupils had lunch in the school with the French ones (as the educational system supports this opportunity) and admired how many healthy choices there were. Below there are some photos:

    Pupils and Teachers of the project



    Participation in lesson



    Tasteful candies made by pupils


    Léo Lagrange Park


    Orientation game in Léo Lagrange Park with mixed treams


    Lunch at school canteen


    Guiding in the city


    Visiting Saint Remi museum


    Nicolas - Alexandros - Dorothée