The Magical Tree

During the cooperation within the project, children will discover the world of nature and create the proper attitude toward it. They will get to know the strains of trees which occure on the territory of the affiliative countries.

Project Journal

  • Today we made lemonade! The lemon tree from our playground gave the lemons. A student's grandmother offered fresh water from the refrigerator.The Support Teacher brought the sugar and helped squeeze the lemons. It was tasty!

    liminada 041a.jpg

    liminada 043a.jpg

    liminada 048a.jpg

    liminada 061a.jpg

    - Posted by Maria do Rosário da Silva Baptista, 08.06.2017

  • Our garden





    - Posted by Loredana Catalina abraham, 28.05.2017

  • We were in the woods and planted trees

    niesiemy sadzonki.JPG





    - Posted by Jolanta Drzycimska - Kola, 26.04.2017

  • Happy Easter

    - Posted by Jolanta Drzycimska - Kola, 12.04.2017

  • We present the leaves of the trees that we researched.

    6 eTwinning Magical Tree 028.jpg

    7 eTwinning Magical Tree 029.jpg

    8 eTwinning Magical Tree 036.jpg

    - Posted by Maria do Rosário da Silva Baptista, 04.04.2017