In this project the pupils of the involved schools will investigate what their future might look like. They will look at the topics: * Work * Society * Europe * Environment(al issues) * The person of the future using surveys, videoconferences, e-mail they will develop digital materials that will reflect their view on the future and recommendations...

Project Journal

  • Germany part 3

    - Posted by Aleksandra Kubiak, 22.05.2017

  • Germany part 2

    - Posted by Aleksandra Kubiak, 22.05.2017

  • International Project Meeting in Bad Nauheim / Germany 7th– 12th May 2017

    Students from Belgium, Finland, Poland, Spain visited Ernst-Ludwig-Schule. During the meeting students played ice-breaking games, presented local companies and learnt about robotics. They programmed and build robots. In the afternoons students had the opportunity to meet new friends and learn about their countries. They participated in culture night during which each country prepared some typical food, songs dances or tongue twisters. The also visited Frankfurt, went ona rally through Bad Nauheim and visited FLG Automation company in Karben

    - Posted by Aleksandra Kubiak, 22.05.2017

  • Getting ready for German meeting - Finland.

    Each group of students chose their own company for business investigation. Students organised a visit and an interview to three different companies by themselves. Companies that were chosen were quite small, because there isn't so many big companies in the Ylivieska area. After all they represent well different types of business and different types of aspects. Below is the logo of one of the companies, PikkuVeli (LittleBrother), which uses only food produced nearby.


    - Posted by Ulla Kortesuo, 15.05.2017

  • Getting ready for German meeting and project "Future and Work" - Finland.

    After a short introduction, the task was to imagine what kind of work would people do in the future. Finnish students started their work in groups and then they combined their ideas together in a mind map. Mind map was finally written clearly with computer, too.

    future work.jpg

    Erasmus_future work.jpg

    - Posted by Ulla Kortesuo, 15.05.2017