In this project the pupils of the involved schools will investigate what their future might look like. They will look at the topics: * Work * Society * Europe * Environment(al issues) * The person of the future using surveys, videoconferences, e-mail they will develop digital materials that will reflect their view on the future and recommendations...

Project Journal

  • Our next subject in the project is the enironment. In order to get ready for the next meeting Polish Erasmus+ group went on a trip to visit a wind farm. We've learnt a lot :)

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  • International Project Meeting in Lugo / Spain 19th– 24th November 2017

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  • International Project Meeting in Lugo / Spain 19th– 24th November 2017

    This time students form Belgium, Finland, Germany and Poland visited their partners in Spain. During the meeting students had a chance to get to know each other really well. They worked together on the subject of dystopias. Each country presented their dystopia and then in international groups students disscussed how we can prevent these dystopias from coming true. The result of the discussions was the design of a logo representing the antidote to fight these dystopias. There was also time to have fun and visit Spain. Thank you for your hospitality :)

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  • Getting ready for the next meeting
    Students in Poland have been working on their "dystopia". In order to learn more about the subject they prepared a display of their posters presenting a negative vision of a society in the future.


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