We want to volunteer to make the world a better place

We'd like to create common solutions to global issues doing voluntary work with an international cooperation.So we will learn and share different aspects of voluntary work in social,environmental,cultural,educational and healthy life fields in European dimension. Firstly,we intend to involve low-skilled pupils by taking voluntary service and...

Project Journal

  • Hi Everybody
    From Poland:
    Books we are taking with us to enrich the Finnish library
    the Best Volunteer of Our Town Presentation
    See you in Finland <3

    PolishBooksforFinland 3.jpeg


    - Posted by Katarzyna Baca, 21.04.2018

  • C6- Task for our next mobility in Finland, a presentation about our local volunteer heroes. We have interviewed a volunteer on social assistance for people in need and also a relevant citizen of Consuegra who has been working decades for maintaining and spreading the local heritage, history, and traditions.

    volunteering finlandia.pptx

    - Posted by angeles anaya garcía-tapetado, 19.04.2018

  • C5- MOBILITY IN SPAIN. You can find all the information about the activities, cultural visits and workshop of the mobility on the website of the project, label #C5Mobility in Spain http://consaburuminternationaloffice.weebly.com/ka-219--we-want-to-volunteer-to-make-the-world-a-better-place/category/c5-spain

    Also, you can have a look at the Project Memory Book video of the mobility:

    - Posted by angeles anaya garcía-tapetado, 07.03.2018

  • - Posted by Kamila Bendová, 06.02.2018

  • We want to volunteer to make the world a better place. ERASMUS+ project number: 2016-1-ES01-KA219-025031 FIFTH VISIT MEETING IN SPAIN BLENDED MOBILITY OF SCHOOL LEARNERS From 06/02/2018 – to 12/02/2018


    - Posted by Giovanni De Cumis, 05.02.2018