Crowdfunding for Twin Startups

Students collaborate to create and develop their business ideas and present them on a web to get “crowdfunding” from the school community.

Project Journal

  • Congratulations!

    quality label twinstartups.png

    - Posted by Cristina Mato, 19.06.2017

  • These are the results of the evaluation questionnaire:

    - Posted by Cristina Mato, 30.05.2017

  • The results are here! After a 10-day campaign in both our schools, 8 out of our 9 project ideas have been funded! Our website has received almost 900 visits.
    - Posted by Cristina Mato, 22.05.2017

  • Only tow days left to fund the the projects. So far it's been a great success. We believe all the projects will reach their goal.


    - Posted by Cristina Mato, 17.05.2017

  • Promotional video made by the Italian students

    - Posted by Cristina Mato, 15.05.2017