Evaluation tools

  • A key element of the Project was the construction ex ante, the use and review ongoing and the ex-post evaluation of a system adaptable to the different contexts of the meetings, shared by all the staff and the students in a peer to peer logic.

    The evaluation system used was very useful for the revision of the various phases, the adaptation of tasks and control of relapse training.

    It was composed by the following tools:

    • Evaluation of group works by students and teachers
    • Short term exchange and transnational meeting evaluation (evaluation by students, teachers, parents involved in meeting, the questionnair was also a stimulus to reflection on the significant results of the experience; evaluation form for teachers and parents)
    • Final evaluation
    • Ebooks evaluation (evaluation form by teachers of school and external expert for the final products of project)


    The students’ and teachers’ worsk are under evaluation by experts