Digitization - the last frontier

This is a project dedicated to teachers who want to work with students both face to face and online. The Covid 19 pandemic caused teachers and students to adapt to a different form of learning. Online learning has been difficult for older students, but it has been even more difficult for preschoolers. The families of the preschoolers had to support them in order to keep in touch with the kindergarten and continue the activities. Preschoolers had to learn to create educational content online. All of these are challenges that we must overcome together. We want to collaborate, to learn from each other about how we can create physical and online lessons with preschoolers and young students. Teachers will share the experience of using ICT and online educational platforms. With this new information and skills, teachers will be able to create learning scenarios to avoid delays in students' learning and to avoid early school leaving. The project is not only about digitalization and ICT but also about how to create links between schools for effective collaboration to ensure the development and happiness of each participant in education.

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