"Holidays and celebrations in different European schools".

We are going to share our experiences in the way our schools celebrate: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Time, St. Valentines's Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter, St. George's Day and The Book Day. The teacher and students will interact through the chat, videoconferences and others tools.

Project Journal

  • A new QL for our Project. Thanks my dear partners!


    - Posted by Teresa Sánchez, 03.10.2017

  • Look what we received...fantastic! It is a wonderful gift! Thank you Teresa and your students for organising this production..Delighted!






    - Posted by Glenda McKeown, 05.09.2017

  • Dear partners! Thank you very much for collaboration. It was a pleasure to participate in this project!

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    - Posted by Lesia Shcherbatiuk, 23.08.2017

  • We received the book "Max`s Odyssey" it is incredible! Many thanks to all the participants, everybody's contribution is amazing, great and valueble! Our most heartfelt thanks to Teresa Sánchez Marcos and Spanish team!


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    - Posted by Lesia Shcherbatiuk, 28.07.2017

  • Thank you dear friends!
    - Posted by Glenda McKeown, 29.06.2017