Let's make new friends

This project will be a good opportunity for students to practise their language- and ICT skills, and to make new friends, also broadening their cultural horizon. Our students will use the English language as a lingua franca and will develop their communicative competence and a cooperative learning.


    Project Journal

    • ENJOY THE HOLIDAY !!!!!!!!!! And good luck to the teachers!!!! :-)
      - Posted by Audrey M., 07.06.2017

    • Hi Audrey, in Italy most students start summer holidays next week (teachers will be involved in State exams, instead),
      so many many wishes for a fantastic and relaxing holiday and let's keep in touch per email:)

      summer holidays.jpg

      - Posted by Maurizia Mainardi, 03.06.2017

    • Hi ! Here's our answers to your "Guess who ?" !

      Guess who

      - Posted by Alice T, 02.06.2017

    • Hi everybody,
      Emma did "guess who's who" and matched descriptions with photos,
      great cooperation between the French and Italian teams :)
      - Posted by Maurizia Mainardi, 27.05.2017

    • Questionnaire about bullying: the Italian students have answered the questionnaire,

      thanks a lot for this really engaging activity :)
      - Posted by Maurizia Mainardi, 20.05.2017