School Introduction

  • School's Introduction

    Şeyma Ayyıldız - Ambarlık Secondary School-Rize

    Our school is in Rize. It is a village school. There are 100 students and 15 teachers at the school. There are a computer class and labs. Despite of being a village school, it has an interactive whiteboard and internet connection in each class. Students are using the technology while learning. The school is small but pretty.

    Tarana Abbasi, Baku, school 240

    Baku city, Nasimi district, secondary school No. 240
    The school operates on a two-shift, five-day schedule. At present, 146 5-year-olds are studying in the preschool groups of the Azerbaijani and Russian sections, and 1913 students are studying in the I-XI grades. 113 teachers are involved in their training. The school has an experienced, professional pedagogical team that understands the responsibility of its position.

    Pupils of the school take an active part in the Republican subject olympiads, international sports competitions, art exhibitions and succeed.
    We have also successfully completed the 2020-2021 academic year. 27 students of IX and XI grades of our school were awarded with certificates of distinction.

    Pilot projects such as “Healthy Education, Healthy Nation”, “Digital Skills”, “Electronic Test Assessment”, “Reserve Textbook Testing Process”, “Military STEAM Engineers”, “Organization of Robotics and 3D Design Skills Circle”, “STEAM” and s. projects operate at school.

    Tatiana Vrabelova, ZS Duklianska, Banovce nad Bebravou

    Our primary school is located in the centre of a small city Banovce nad Bebravou. ZS Duklianska has more than 500 students and it is the largest school in the district. Our school provides primary learning in two stages of primary learning - grades 1 to 9. Our school offers high quality learning with sophisticated specializied IT and foreign language clasrooms and qualified teachers. Each classroom has its own interactive whiteboard with PC and internet connection. We have a gym and a big sports field outside the school. In the pictures you can see our school renewed. This year our school celebrates the 80th anniversary of its foundation.