Butterflies Across Europe 2016

This mini-project is now full and can not accept any new members. Please tell Dave if you would like to join a future butterflies project. A Very Quick Project using Butterflies. (one afternoon) Each child makes one or more paper butterflies. They are decorated on one side. The child writes and draws about themselves - school, sports, games, ...

Project Journal

  • Today I presented our "travelling book" about the countries that took part in the project. Each page is about a country, naming your capital city, coin, language and the word we use to call people coming from each country. Last, but no least, the 'interactive' part, so to say. An empty rectangle to complete by colouring the flag of the country and something/someone famous from the country (I gave the first image, but they have to do some research to keep adding some more).
    I have to admit this last part was a bit difficult for me. I felt a complete ignorant. It wasn't very easy to find someone or something famous from some countries... that could also have some impact on childrens' minds. Perhaps you could lend a hand on this matter?

    I'll let you know if they felt attracted by this new idea - cheers!
    - Posted by Judith Sáez, 07.02.2017

  • We have 18 envelopes from 13 countries from Europe! 42 butterflies with interesting informations about girls and boys! We are very happy! Thanks for all.

    Maria Wozniak from Głogów Małopolski in Poland.

    Listy z Europy.jpg

    Rusałka pawik i Mieniak tęczowiec.JPG

    Niepylak apollo.JPG

    IMG_5360 (Kopiowanie).JPG


    - Posted by Maria Woźniak, 28.01.2017

  • Here are the butterflies from Estonia




    - Posted by Jekaterina Kosik, 20.01.2017

  • Dear Butterflies-Friends,
    Romanian High School for Sport Performance from Bistrita, Romania, wishes to all of you A Happy 2017 New Year, health and happiness! Thanks for all your letters!
    If you want, I would like to make an interactive map with all the schools that have been involved in this project and to give a new and non-official name for our schools-Butterfly School. What do you say? Alina-Romania
    - Posted by Gimbuta Alina, 29.12.2016

  • My pupils are opening your envelopes, my friends! :)

    20161115_102206 (1).jpg

    20161115_102143 (1).jpg

    - Posted by Olena Harasym, 23.12.2016