Vive le European Day of Languages

This is a short project introducing pupils and some members of staff to the wonders of eTwinning. The main activity will be to exchange post cards for EDL alongside geopgraphy, numeracy, art and ICT activities.

Project Journal

  • And wwhat about any certificates or signs of quality? any help? do we get something like that? is it important? ;)

    - Posted by Małgorzata Bugajska, 03.11.2016

  • What's going to happen next after finishing the project? ;)

    - Posted by Małgorzata Bugajska, 02.11.2016

  • Dear partners, thank you for this nice project! It was fun and we enjoyed working on it! Looking forward to the next project! Greetings from Croatia!


    thank you for your postcards.jpg

    this is us.jpg

    - Posted by Tajana Kradija, 20.10.2016

  • Dear partners,
    It was nice working with you. We have finally managed to post the How far maps. Hope to "see" you in some other project
    - Posted by Vida Bombek, 19.10.2016

  • Dear partners, here is a link to my students video. It's short and simple, and we wanted to share it with you. I'm not able to upload it here due to the file size. I hope you'll like it. Greetings from Osijek, Croatia! Thank you for your postcards!
    - Posted by Tajana Kradija, 11.10.2016