International autumn tree

1. each partnering school will have to make autumn leaves with their flags and some greetings written on them. To make the leaves your students can use different techniques: drawing, cut and stick, embroidery etc. depending on their imagination, creativity and abilities 2. each school makes as many leaves as many partners are in the project and the...


    Project Journal

    • Dear partners,

      I would like to share these pictures with you so every school chan check that Kostka School received your leaves.

      I really hope you like our display. My students are very happy with the experience. Thank you very much :)

      Best wishes.







      - Posted by Alberto Fondevila, 05.12.2016

    • Here are our activities.

      - Posted by Margarita Bozhanova, 30.11.2016

    • And last... This video is a presentation of all photographic matterial - no cuts. Our classes appear according to the alphabetical order of our names...

      - Posted by ΔΗΜΗΤΡΑ ΠΡΟΒΕΛΕΓΓΙΟΥ, 29.11.2016

    • Thank you Dimitra Provelengiou for creating the great website of our project. Has everyone checked it yet?
      - Posted by Renata Janikowska, 27.11.2016

    • Thank you friends! This is very nice expirience!
      Best regards!
      See you at the new project!
      - Posted by Marijana Jovanović Čabrić, 24.11.2016