Short videos in English to introduce ourselves and wish everyone a happy European Day of Languages

an exchange of short videos among 13 European schools. The videos would be both in English and in the students' native language. The aim for the 12/15 year-old-students would be to : -introduce themselves (name, age) -say where they live (country, city/town) -say which language is the official one in their country, but also give the number ...


    Project Journal

    • Hello everyone, on Monday 26th September we were watching the videos with the students. They really liked it. Thanks again for this great idea! We all learn from each other a lot.
      Have we decided on making one big film of each country? We are ready to do it. Just let us know.
      Greetings from Poland,
      - Posted by Arleta Kowalska, 29.09.2016

    • Happy European Day of Languages to all of you again. Yesterday my pupils watched the videos and really enjoyed them. Today, I'll put them in the library so that all the other pupils can see them too.
      Thanks a lot for those good moments!
      Best regard,
      - Posted by Marie-Claire PRUDENT, 27.09.2016

    • Thanks again to everyone : the students were really eager to watch the videos and they had a lot of questions about each country - from where it was exactly located, to how schools work over there. I think the project raised a lot of curiosity in their young minds, the fact that they can relate to the people they listen to, is a great advantage. Even the students who are usually a bit lazy or not interested in school wanted to know more about your students. I am even a bit surprised by their involvement. The work of my own students show me the way to improve their English (pronunciation for example or usual grammar mistakes) but overall, I am quite happy with all the work that they have done and I will actually spend more time this week, working on some videos. I hope you also found food for thought in the project and look forward to having more feedback from you all. Cheers.
      - Posted by Servane REGNAULT, 26.09.2016

    • Hi there,
      We've really enjoyed watching the videos today. Indeed, there was no problem to watch them. It is a pity though that we couldn't use one video per country to make the big one since I found the Vimeo ones impossible to download. We could use 9 of them for that anyway. Happy European Day of Languages to all!
      Best regards,
      ASsumpta M.
      - Posted by Assumpta Meseguer, 26.09.2016

    • Hello,
      I think it is a great idea to share our difficulties and draw the conclusions. I had problems with cutting the video and uploading it. I noticed that it is possible to download from vimeo, just you have to be logged in. That's why I didn't send our video via email - it took hours to upload the half of it and I'd rather stopped. Hope you could show it to your students anyway. I love all your videos especially bilingual ones. On Tuesday we'll have the assablly (the whole school) and we'll show one of the videos from each country. It was very difficult to decide which to choose. I hope that next year we could meet again in the similar project.
      - Posted by Vida Bombek, 25.09.2016