Short videos in English to introduce ourselves and wish everyone a happy European Day of Languages

an exchange of short videos among 13 European schools. The videos would be both in English and in the students' native language. The aim for the 12/15 year-old-students would be to : -introduce themselves (name, age) -say where they live (country, city/town) -say which language is the official one in their country, but also give the number of dialects spoken there. -Wish a happy European Day of languages to their audience. My students would work in pairs to prepare their video and we would then email one video to each school. In exchange, we expect to receive a video from each school with the same type of information. Each school would thus receive 13 videos from all over Europe that could then be put together to be shown to the whole school on September 26th. Please let me know if you are interested (we don't have much time to get ready ) !

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