Art @ Heart

Students and teachers will collaborate on an international project. It's contents are tripartite but also interwining. ART: painting, handicrafts, music or drama. @:symbol for connecting with each other and using different tools and mobile applications HEART: umbrella term for health and lifestyle.

Project Journal

  • Our 2nd grade pupils are going to Ljubljana Puppet Theatre tomorrow morning to watch
    "Škrt Škrt Kra Čof".
    (Kitty Crowther:
    Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop!
    Director: Ivana Djilas)

    If you're interested in seeing a few moments of the show copy the following links:
    - Posted by Maja Tolo, 08.10.2018

  • Our culture box

    booklet CULTURE IN A BOX - SLOVENIA A5 2018-03.pdf

    - Posted by Maja Tolo, 08.10.2018

  • Hearts, hearts everywhere

    20171014_174054 (Copy).jpg

    20171014_174221 (Copy).jpg

    20180331_174408 (Copy).jpg

    IMG-d446689b7a4c8ebf530f582abaaafe30-V (Copy).jpg

    20181004_110930 (Copy).jpg

    - Posted by Maja Tolo, 08.10.2018

  • A museum suitcase with a wide range of objects has visited 4th graders from our school. Participants of the workshop met the museum objects and collections, and were interactively learned about the heritage they hold in the museum. They also learned about the ways of preserving the heritage and its importance for society.






    - Posted by Uršula Kavar, 08.10.2018

  • Learning about cultures through ART

    20170519_094743 (Copy).jpg

    20170519_094755 (Copy).jpg

    20170519_094804 (Copy).jpg

    - Posted by Maja Tolo, 08.10.2018