Art @ Heart

Students and teachers will collaborate on an international project. It's contents are tripartite but also interwining. ART: painting, handicrafts, music or drama. @:symbol for connecting with each other and using different tools and mobile applications HEART: umbrella term for health and lifestyle.

Project Journal

  • Chrismas workshop. Making healthy cookies and cakes. :)

    Xmas workshop3.jpg


    Xmas workshop3.jpg

    Xmas workshop4.jpg

    Xmas workshop5.jpg

    - Posted by Natalia Rogoznica, 15.12.2017

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    - Posted by Maja Tolo, 15.12.2017

  • * We visited Museum of Reality *

    One of the top attractions in Zagreb, The Museum of Illusions teamed up with UNICEF to create a ‘Museum of Reality’.This interactive experience offereed a different perspective of the world we live in and inspired breaking down barriers of prejudice, leaving no one indifferent. The Museum of Reality was part of UNICEF’s marking of its 69th birthday.

    Virtual reality, optical illusions, installations and holograms were some of the “exhibits” used to distance us from various preconceptions and reveal reality instead of illusions. In the Museum of Reality everyone was able to experience what it feels like to “lose ground under your feet” due to a devastating earthquake, live in a refugee camp in the Middle East or “switch roles” with children living in different conditions.

    We saw how happy we are to have all this things we are taking for granted.

    Muzej realnosti.jpg

    Muzej realnosti1.jpg

    Muzej realnosti2.jpg

    - Posted by Natalia Rogoznica, 15.12.2017

  • A visit from Germany

    Livia, a student from Germany, visited our school today. She taught our youngest pupilsa few German words, played with them two games - hangman and memory, and presented them a few German Christmas traditions. She also met older pupils and spend a couple of hours with them, presenting them Germany, German language and culture(s).
    Her visit was a part of the World in classroom project.

    "World in classroom is a national project for students, who come to Slovenia through Erasmus+ programme, CEEPUS programme, bilateral cooperation or other programmes and initiatives and who want to bring international experience to schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions in Slovenia.

    For a foreign student in Slovenia this is an excellent opportunity to present their country, culture and language to Slovenian pupils, teachers, students and children and get to know the education system in Slovenia from the practical point of view. Beside international dimension that their visit brings, pupils/students gain first-hand information about possibilities and benefits of student mobility/practice in a foreign country. On the other hand a school or a kindergarten with such an event creates a more attractive, creative and different daily routine which may lead to a different kind of future cooperation.

    The project World in classroom is coordinated by CMEPIUS." (

    20171213_090021 (Copy).jpg

    20171213_090151 (Copy).jpg

    20171213_090209 (Copy).jpg

    - Posted by Maja Tolo, 13.12.2017

  • By A. Fon :-)


    FOOD_Austrian_German Essen.docx

    - Posted by Maja Tolo, 11.12.2017