Art @ Heart

Students and teachers will collaborate on an international project. It's contents are tripartite but also interwining. ART: painting, handicrafts, music or drama. @:symbol for connecting with each other and using different tools and mobile applications HEART: umbrella term for health and lifestyle.

Project Journal

  • Carnival in Barcelona, Carnestoltes in Catalan, is a very fun time in our city and school. Children and grown ups dress up with masks, sequins, wigs, dance to the rhythm of the music and take part in parades. It is a religious celebration that takes place forty days before Easter.

    This year we celebrated it on February 9th by doing a parade around the school. There were different costume themes such as board games, cartoons, comics, movies and emojis. We transformed our school into one big celebration! After the parade we went back to our classrooms and we organised a costume fashion show.

    We had a great time with out classmates and teachers!

    - Posted by Noreen ODonnell, 20.03.2018

  • Winter can be fun! As it snowed last week, we split up regular lessons and we've moved physical education outside. We were playing, sledding, building and doing sports.

    - Posted by Kathrin Zdarsky, 20.02.2018

  • Carnivaaaaaaal!


    - Posted by Uršula Kavar, 16.02.2018

  • Today we spent lesson of Physical Education outside! We were cross-country skiing. It was wonderful! We hope you are also enjoying such nice weather as we do!


    - Posted by Uršula Kavar, 16.02.2018

  • February 8 was a day off from school due to
    Prešeren Day, the Slovene Cultural Holiday - a public holiday celebrated in our country. It is marking the anniversary of the death of the our greatest poet France Prešeren. He was born on 3 December 1800 and died on 8 February 1849. The holiday is dedicated to (Slovenian) CULTURE.


    - Posted by Maja Tolo, 15.02.2018