Bauhaus, balanced and beautiful future

2022 annual Global Risk Report, recently published, draws insights on the perception of the risk on the short, medium, and long term associated to climate change. Elements such as “extreme weather,” and “climate action failure,” dominate concerns together with social cohesion erosion and livelihood crises. Environment issues are a world matter. Until the beginning of the industrial revolution, the climate changed as a result of changes in natural circumstances. Today, it is changing due to the impact of human activities. Additionally, climate change is affecting our countries in many different and dangerous ways. Ecological culture, mindset, awareness, and ecological sustainability are a must in today´s education. Schools must develop the idea of the necessity to arise awareness in young population to appreciate, preserve and regenerate our landscapes, living areas and schools to work towards a more Beautiful, Sustainable, Future Together. We wish to encourage our students to have a green mind because we are sure that if we think green, we will live green. This project is aimed to be pioneer in working on climate change, the effect in everyday life of their citizens and possible solutions of improvement for long life living values. Divided in four main actions, students will be able to study the endangered species in their area; perform an environmental audit of their school in order to know its environmental footprint; water testing in local rivers and seas; creating objects and furniture in the spirit of Bauhaus in order to be used in the design of the relaxation area in schools. One of our transversal goals is to generate new opportunities by learning by doing both inside and outside the classroom. Participating in outdoors activities, working on earth journalism, creating school awareness, being active eco participants will empower environmental sustainable values in our schools.

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