„Little Red Riding Hood”

Project description: Getting to know and preserving the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" through common activities: 1. Getting to know the history of Little Red Riding Hood. Kindergarten groups exchange photos and video greetings on the Twinspace platform. Teachers introduce children to the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" in their native language and in English - until March 4, 2022. 2. Our book Partner groups draw pictures for specific parts of the fairy tale. Creating an e-book in English - until March 11, 2022. 3. A fairy-tale Polish-Basque-English dictionary The partners create a fairy-tale illustrated dictionary in three languages. For example, a wolf, a grandmother, a forest. Each group chooses 4 words. Task until March 18, 2022 4. Common theatre Video recording of a mini performance by children. The partners prepare specific parts. Children can speak English or the story can be read in English by the narrator. Finally, the partners make the film together until April 1

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