A time capsule… a dream keeper (2017 -2027)

    Dream team :

    Founders :
    A Macaulay, Spain :

    E Mestre, France : emiliemestre@yahoo. fr

    Partners :

    F Balsera, Spain :

    A Spagnuolo, Italy :

    Jannie Agerbo, Denmark:

    C Bastianello, Italy:

    Tarja Laintila, Italy :

    Sylvia Hüneke, Germany:


    Information about the project :


    Our teams have planned to cooperate for a year-long project which will end by the burial of a time capsule. All year long, our students will collaborate together in order to get to know one another and discover the similarities and differences in a teenager’s life in Europe. Our students will leave a part of themselves  behind for posterity. Their capsule will capture who they are as a teen and how they see themselves in the future. We also intend to have them reflect on world problems and what should be done to make the world a better place. The time capsule will also be the keeper of their dreams. Let’s meet again in ten years to see if their dreams have come true !


    Subjects : English, music, art, civics.

    Language : English.

    Age of students : 13-15 

    Tools : Padlet, google forms, power-point, calameo, Kahoot, twinspace, emails, skype.


    Objectives :  This project is coherent with the action-oriented approach emphasized by the common European Framework. We think this project is going to motivate our students and improve their language efficiency. We aim to attain the level A2 from the European framework with oral interaction, continuous speaking, written expression and written comprehension activities. 

    Work procedures : There will be individual, pair and group works in each class. Their will also be internation cooperative teams to create the three magazines.

    Expected results :

    • Who is who games from each partner with photos and short presentations.
    • Regular emails or letters from pen pals.
    • Real school presentations.
      / Dream school presentations.
    • Collaborative work to create the school systems surveys
    • 1st magazine : Cooperative articles about school systems differences (one team starts analysing the survey and then another finishes).
    • Students full presentations for the  time capsule.
    • Collaborative work to create  big surveys about teen’s world.
    • 2nd magazine about teen’s world which can include lots of articles, presentations or interviews.
    • Songs, poems and drawings for the future.
    • Letters to your future self.
    • Videos and audio messages for the future.
    • 3rd magazine about the time capsule preparation : poems, songs, messages, dreams, hopes and wishes, predictions and personal messages…
    • Setting up the time capsule.
    • Ceremony for the burial of the time capsule.


    1st term : September / October  / November

    • Project presentation
    • Who is who game ?
    • Pen pals emails and personal letters  with full presentations
    • Teams creations.
    • School presentations / with a music video (to be included in the time capsule)
    • School and education systems compared. (time tables, subjects, school clubs…)
    • Ideal school presentations.
    • Dream jobs videos.
    • Google form survey to enhance school systems differences.


    • November :  First collaborative magazine about school systems, possible school. Improvements and dream schools (to be included in the time capsule).



    2nd term : December / January / February


    • Surveys with Google forms about teens hobbies, interests (sports, celebrities, TV, social network…) and lifestyle
    • Students prepare their writings for the time capsule (best friends, favorite things,)


    • February  :Second collaborative magazine published about teenagers’ world, interests, likes and dislikes …



    3rd term :  March / April / May


    • Preparation of the time capsule :
    • Poems and Songs writing.
    • Diary pages.
    • Study of work of arts (Ex : Banksy Street art)/ poems / songs about world problems, hopes and dreams.
    • study of documents to enrich students’ ideas ( examples of  injustice in the world (racism, terrorism, refugees), role models (Ex : Malala…) people who make a change…
    • Videos or audio messages of positive news
    • Personal letters, drawings… They can write letters to their future self (their goals, what they imagine for the future, how they see themselves, who they admire..)



    • Students presentations,
    • family photos,
    • other school projects to remember,  
    • videos and audio messages.
    • The most important events to remember.
    • The funny and sad things,  the happiest moment of the year, the problems they had, their regrets…
    • Personal items…emblematic objects of their generation, sentimental objects…
    • Their predictions about the future with a comics or texts…
    • Messages for the future..
    • Letters from TEACHERS too (how they imagine their students, their predictions…)


    1. International day of happiness on March 20th
    2. World poetry day on March 21st
    3. English language day on April 23rd
    4. International day against child labor on June 12th


    • May : 3rd collaborative magazine about their visions of the world  and hopes for the future…


    • June : Burial of the time capsule.