The Odyssey of words

In this project students are going to attempt an interesting wandering into European languages, seeking the common Greek and Latin roots of lots of words that Europeans use in their everyday lives.

Project Journal

  • Our project received the national quality label.


    - Posted by LINDA ALEXOPOULOU, 27.08.2017

  • .All the four teachers of the Greek school received it.




    - Posted by LINDA ALEXOPOULOU, 27.08.2017

  • I also answered the evaluation form
    - Posted by TOMARAS THEODOROS, 14.07.2017

  • Απάντησα κι εγώ στη φόρμα αξιολόγησης
    - Posted by Kostis Lampropoulos, 03.07.2017

  • Συμπλήρωσα την φόρμα αξιολόγησης
    - Posted by Katerina Smani, 01.07.2017