Les saisons - Królestwo - the memory of the film

    Our project is interdisciplinary, and while working on it we perform a variety of tasks. 
    One of them was a trip to the cinema to see the movie Kingdom. 
    Here we will post our short memories associated with this event. 
    We encourage everyone to watch this film.
    Eliasz Banaszak    (5th grade)

    My impressions on the movie Seasons (dir. Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud)

    I liked the movie very much because it was about the forrest and I love it!

    My favourite scene was the one with the lynx. I felt over the moon!

    I liked it when trees and animals started to grow in numbers. When the Golden Age of Forrest had begun.

    Unfortunately the human being destroyed almost all of it. I didn’t like that at all. It was sad and moving. We must do everything we can to stop destroying the nature.

    I simply adore nature. And natural science is my first best school subject.

    I would reccomend the movie to my friends from my older school (on Malinowa street). Simply because it depicts the nature.


    Let’s all respect the Nature!


    Jan Rogal
    „Seasons” – memories of the movie
    Why did I like the movie? Because it tells us how we have misused the nature.
    Which scene did I like the most? My favourite scene was the one when sweet, 
    little wolves were playing.
    What feelings did I have during the movie? I felt sadness, happiness and I felt like laughing.
    Would I recommend it to any of my friends? 
    I would recommend it because it tells us about respecting and caring about nature.
    And how to live in harmony with it.

    THE END !!!!!!


    Szymon Koszyca

    My memory  of the film “Kingdom”.

    I really liked the film because I like nature and this film was about nature.

    At school biology is my second favorite subjects

    after PE.

    My favorite moment was about the beginning of life and the forest was so beautiful and mysterious. With great joy, I observed the animals playing in the wild forest.

    However, there was also a sad moment, when the wood and animals started to die.

    What is more, there were people who killed helpless animals or made them work.

    I am recommending this film to my family and friends  because it was very interesting and moving.


    Kacper Odważny

    The Kingdom movie tells the life story of animals and beautiful nature of
    the Białowieża Forest, which is untouched by human activity. The movie shows
    the life of forest animals, like: wolves, mustangs, bisons, mooses and black
    storks. I liked the most young wolf cubs that spend most of their time on
    fun. The scenes were very funny. It reminded me of having fun with my
    brother and I laughed a lot. In my opinion, this movie should be seen by
    each young naturalist, because he will get to know the wild life of animals
    and human impact on the ecosystem.

    Antonina Floraszek


    I liked the scene to escape the bear out of the woods in the high mountain fields.

    Only the area was undeveloped by man. The film aroused in me an emotion,

    sometimes laughter and a sense of injustice to animals living in the primeval forests.

    The whole movie was based on showing the difficult moments of livestock caused by man.

    I would recommend this film to people interested in forest ecosystem,

    and the relationships existing in the forests, and between man and animal.