Are you sure it's useless? Second life of trash.


We like to practise sustainability by working on upcycling. Two partners from GER and POL work on ideas with students between 10 and 12 to use e.g. milk cartons, pieces of wood, newspapers, tins, … to turn into artful objects e.g. fro decoration. Students of both partners learn English as first foreign language, the German ones are in their second year of english. The polish students learn German in their first year. We will mostly work in english. All activities are planned to foster communication and collaboration. Language skills should be improved by explaining ways of „production“, by giving hints, exchanging ideas and discussion about results and new ideas. Some of the artworks can be given to please other people or sold on a bazar for a good cause. At the end there will be a common exposition e.g. with posters that decorate the school hall in participating schools.

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