• The educational system in Ramat HaSharon is a unique system due to the adults' involvement in students' lives and academic careers.
    Our ambition is to promote every student's Depressionen and potential to succeed, thrive and bloom.
    Our goals include strengthening the sense of unity and belonging to the community, cultivating personal-academic and social excellence, and creating an optimal level of involvement and partnership between pupils and staff.
    These goals are based on dialogue and inclusion alongside building supportive frameworks that encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.
    At each one of our elementary schools, students are empowered emotionally and socially.
    We develop mental flexibility, empathic abilities, tolerance and social obligation.
    Our vision is to offer and create new paths while coping with educational dilemmas and the challenges of our changing reality while developing our students' unique talents, teaching them to trust their abilities, to dream, to create, to wonder and to share their gifts.