Bringing Generations Together

It is a project that aims at getting to know the elder generations and countries and developing tolerance across generations and cultures. Its purpose is to make the students understand that despite the cultural and personal differences people are so similar. It will bring people from different generations and countries together.

Project Journal

  • We applied for the European Prizes. Liliana wrote the application and we are now asked to add a "comment" - which is like the application for the NQL. Please add your comments soon. Thx, Sandra
    - Posted by Sandra Steinbock, 31.10.2017

  • Moldovan European Quality Label


    - Posted by Liliana Nederita, 28.10.2017

  • We got the European Quality Label too :) Thank YOU ALL it was a pleasure to coopertae with You.

    Eoropejska odznaka.jpg

    - Posted by Małgorzata Bielińska, 25.10.2017

  • We got the European Quality Label :-)


    - Posted by Žofia Dzuriková, 25.10.2017

  • We got the European Qualitylabel!


    - Posted by Sandra Steinbock, 25.10.2017