Let's play with food !

Pupils from an Italian college proposed to help French firstgraders to create some videogames they'll post in their other eTwinning project "Land of Ambrosia (Try me ! I'm delicious.)" The main subject of those games ? Food !

Project Journal

  • The French team is very proud : we received the French Quality Label for our work ! We hope our Italian friends will also receive a Quality Label : nothing would have been possible without your help partners !


    - Posted by Dominique Ducamus, 13.08.2016

  • Two last times in the ICT room to finish our games. This is it. We've done it !
    Deux dernières séances en salle informatique : ça y est, nous avons fini !

    Jeu Scratch.jpg

    - Posted by Dominique Ducamus, 04.07.2016

  • Today, the teams chose a name for their game or film and wrote the basic rules for those who want to play their game or watch their animated movie.

    groupe Victoria, Arthur Elsa.jpg

    - Posted by Dominique Ducamus, 28.06.2016

  • Some basic games are finished. Pupils work on more advanced details now, The sprite costumes, for example...
    Cetains jeux sont prêts dans leur forme la plus simple. Les CP essaient de les rendre plus attrayants en travaillant sur les détails, les costumes des lutins, par exemple....

    A et A jeu oignon.JPG

    - Posted by Dominique Ducamus, 25.06.2016

  • The French teams tried to work with operators on Scratch. Not always easy.
    Les équipes des CP ont commencé à intégrer les opérateurs. Ce qui ne s'est pas avéré très simple.

    Insertion opérateurs.JPG

    - Posted by Dominique Ducamus, 22.06.2016