We apply coding for studying maths. Thanks to the free visual programming language SCRATCH and the dynamic mathematics software GEOGEBRA we create and share simple projects for explaining maths topics included in the middle school curriculum (pupils aged 12-14). This approach will engage young students in a creative experience in programming their ...

Project Journal

  • June 13th

    Our project is finished. But we made during this project a great team, and I hope we will work again in the future together. Thank you all very much and ... till next project!
    - Posted by Maria Petrescu, 13.06.2017

  • JUNE 11th

    Look at the "Activity 8..."

    So, our wonderful adventure is at the end. Thanks Maria, thanks to all Romanian and Italian pupils!
    - Posted by Manuela Casasoli, 11.06.2017

  • JUNE 2nd

    Students evaluated the project! Look at the results on "Page" "ACTIVITY 7..."
    Soon documentation about our video conference.


    - Posted by Manuela Casasoli, 02.06.2017

  • May 24th 2017

    We met this morning by means of Skype. It was a great experience. Soon, you will see a documentation about our video-conference! Thanks to all pupils!
    - Posted by Manuela Casasoli, 24.05.2017

  • MAY 2017

    Now, teachers are looking for prizes for winners!
    It is also time to evaluate our project!
    - Posted by Manuela Casasoli, 07.05.2017