4.1 Jewish communities in my country

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  • Jewish communities in my country (Twinboard )

    Jewish communities in Greece

    Before the war Thessaloniki had one of the most prosperous Jewish communities in Greece,along with Larissa,Ioannina,Kastoria,
    Veria,Kavala,Drama.Serres,Patras,Volos and Florina.

    The war in Thessaloniki

    • The first German military phalanxes entered Thessaloniki on April 9, 1941. The persecution began in the summer of 1942, when all Jewish men between the ages of 18 and 45 were ordered to appear in Freedom Square.

    Freedom Square in Thessaloniki

    Nazi gathered the members of Jewish community in order to send them to concentration camps.

    Old street of the Jewish quarter of Valencia

    The only vestige of the Jewish quarter that remains in the city of Valencia is the old Cristòfol Soler street, which is currently within a private area.

    Sagunto, Valencia (I)

    The city of Sagunto, near Valencia, has some of the most important remains in the area.
    In the photograph we can see the door that gave access to the Jewish quarter.

    Sagunto, Valencia (II)

    In this photograph we can see a hypogeum, symbolizing a menorah, on the side of the mountain where the castle is located.

    Sagunto, Valencia (III)

    Finally, on the way up to the castle, we visit an old Jewish cemetery.

    Ioanninna city,Greece

    We visited the ancient Synagogue (April 2022)

    visit to Ioannina

    We enter the Synagogue,Ioannina

    in the Synagogue

    Ioannina city,Greece

    Ancient Synagogue

    It is placed in the Castle of Ioannina,in the centre of the Old City

    walking in the Castle



    3rd Gymnasium of Agios Athanasios,Gefyra Thessalonikis,Greece

    victims' names in the Synagogue

    On 25 March 1944, 1850 Jewish citizens of Ioannina City were arrested.They were transfered to Auschwitz.Only 163 returned...

    Josef Eliya street,Ioannina

    Greek-Jewish poet (1901-1931).He was born and lived in Ioannina City.


    Hanukkah is celebrated in winter and lasts for eight days.It ia about the victory of the Maccabees in 167 BC.The word means consecration,because during this feast the consecration of the temple to God is celebrated as well as its purification from him.During the feast,it is common to light the menorah(lamp)in the synagogue and at home.Gatherings are held at houses ,gifts are exchanged as well as the Hanukkah coin.




    The first written evidence of the presence of Jews in Kerkyra can be found in the 12th century.

    Holocaust memorial-Thessaloniki

    It is placed in Freedom Square in the centre of the city


    (Veria city,Northern Greece )
    Jewish presence in Veria goes back in Roman times.


    Jewish Museum of Greece/
    Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki/
    educational trips

    Students of 3rd High School of Agios Athanasios