The Universe is Made of Tiny Stories

The project will start in 2016 between the middle of August and the beginning of September. As there is no common start of the school year in Europe every single teacher will be responsible for selecting the most suitable starting date.

Project Journal

  • Move2Leran, Learn2Move: Polish version of the Tiny Story: It was a wonderful week:) On Monday, 19th February we boarded Pendolino and headed for Prague. The Old Town, Charles Bridge, Josefov (the Jewish quarter), Hradcany, the New Town looked stunning in the sunshine! To make sure we’ll come back there one day, we all stroked Franz Kafka’s foot, as was suggested by our guide:) Then we moved to Tabor to visit our Czech friends. We had a great time together, full of interesting activities, languages classes (including Czech:), Treasure Hunt, bowling, presentations… - thank you, dear partners!


    - Posted by Katarzyna Siwczak, 04.03.2018

  • Congratulations, Barbara, fantastic success!

    - Posted by Alena Jandlova, 25.02.2018

  • All activities in a collage :-)


    - Posted by Alena Jandlova, 23.02.2018

  • Finally, the day has come :-) A Move2learn Event is taking place in Tábor, Polish students with their teachers are meeting their Czech counterparts in Tábor, CZ.
    Thank you for coming.

    Tábor - Rybnik Move2Learn Event

    - Posted by Alena Jandlova, 21.02.2018

  • Rybnik - Tábor, socialising before the coming Move2Learn Event in Tábor, February 2018

    - Posted by Alena Jandlova, 28.01.2018