Let`s meet at our European adventure

Our project “Let’s meet at our European adventure” will be carried out by two primary schools: a school from Poland, Ogrodzieniec and a school from Spain, Gandia. This project is intended for Primary students between 10 and 12 years old. Among them there are 10 students and 3 teachers who will take part in students and teachers’ mobility. The same situation concerns the Spanish partner. Many interesting activities and trips will be prepared for pupils. Students will take part in English, IT, art, science, geography and history classes conducted in an active way. All activities include cooperation of Polish and Spanish students and teachers. Similar programme is prepared by our partner. Our students will exchange ideas, learn from one another, get to know each other, learn about other cultures and traditions. Throughout this project we want to educate them for being conscious European citizens. By being culturally aware, we can recognise and have appreciation for other´s values, customs and beliefs. Cross-cultural communication is the best way to acquire this competence.

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