The seven partners are going to create seven picture-stories to symbolize each country and to show how we can all be brought together, in this instance through the universal language of art.


    Prior to the actual project (January 2016)
    The idea for the project began while the Croatian Coordinator was job-shadowing in Estonia in January 2016. The students from the Estonian partner school created seven paintings to symbolize their country.

    Each partner schools contribute to each of the seven paintings, in an attempt to represent symbolically their countries and relate them to each other.

     Time-frame: Italy – May 2016, Norway – October 2016, Poland – December 2016, Portugal – February 2017, Turkey – April 2017, Croatia – June 2017. Timeframe is flexible and changes can be done if all partners agree.

    Format of pictures is A4. Choice of technique is free, students choose if they wish to work individually, in pairs or in groups.

    Each partner’s creations is uploaded to Twinspace separately, as well as the final combined product of all the partners.